Deadly Experiments: Dangerous Fads in Drug Policy

June 19, 2024

Deadly Experiments: Dangerous Fads in Drug Policy

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Episode Summary

The Current State of U.S. Drug Policy

U.S. drug policy has shifted towards a more permissive stance in recent years, with the legalization of certain substances and a reduced emphasis on suppression and encouragement of abstinence. However, this approach has not effectively addressed the significant societal problems caused by drug use. Despite the recognition that a drug-free society is unrealistic, there is a wide range of potential interventions that could mitigate the negative consequences of drug use, such as reducing availability and harm.

Life Expectancy Decline in the Last Decade

In recent years, life expectancy has actually declined, primarily due to drug abuse. This has created a calamity that is largely self-inflicted. 19:14 Increased Potency of Marijuana and Drugs The potency of marijuana has increased dramatically since the 1970s, and opioids are also more widely available. This increased potency is contributing to the overdose crisis.

The Progressive Ideology on Drugs

Progressives have promoted the idea that drug use is a victimless crime and that individuals should be allowed to make their own decisions about drug use. This ideology is misguided and has led to disastrous consequences.The Need for Support and Tough Love in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a serious problem that affects many people, and recovery can be challenging. It is important for addicts to have support from friends, family, and professionals, but it is also important to have tough love. Tough love means setting boundaries and consequences for addicts, and it can help them to stay on track in recovery.

The Importance of a Contemporary Temperance Movement for Drug Addiction

The temperance movement was a social movement that sought to reduce the consumption of alcohol. It was successful in reducing alcohol consumption in the United States, and it could be a model for a contemporary movement to reduce drug addiction. A contemporary temperance movement would need to focus on education, prevention, and treatment. It would also need to be supported by a strong coalition of stakeholders, including government, businesses, and community groups.