Teaching Americans, Preserving Freedom.


Ashbrook’s ultimate goal is to preserve American freedom. The Founders knew that for our nation to survive, each new generation would have to be educated in the principles and practice of self-government.

That work begins with each individual citizen.

In the spirit of ’76

Ashbrook is leading a second American Revolution in the nation’s classrooms Read more about the historic effort.

Portrait of a Citizen

For America to remain free, American citizens must possess the habits of free people. They must rise above the circumstances of the present moment and rest their hearts and minds in the fundamental truths that undergird our history. Only then can they think and act for themselves.

While there are no perfect citizens, there is particular knowledge and certain fundamental traits critical to informed citizenship that Ashbrook aims to instill in students, teachers, and citizens of all ages:

An understanding that freedom is worth preserving, not simply because it is useful but also because it is noble and good. An understanding of America’s Founding principles. An understanding of America’s history as the struggle to live up to our Founding principles of freedom. Good judgment. Respect for others. The ability to think freely and critically. A willingness to defend the liberties of all Americans, especially those with whom they disagree. Commitment to upholding their duties as citizens. Courage to stand for what is true, especially when it is not fashionable.

Citizens who possess these qualities can engage fully in the civic life of their communities and country. Their understanding of and devotion to the promise America drives them to advance the cause of freedom.

The force multiplier of a single teacher.

Each Ashbrook teacher can teach up to 5,000 students during their career. And each student can model good citizenship for their friends, families, and colleagues. One Ashbrook teacher told us that at least a dozen of his students have gone on to become history teachers.

A force multiplier! Reaching the young through those who teach the young.

Investing in the future of america.

Our Founders knew that for our freedom to endure, Americans need to understand the principles of self-government and their rights and duties as citizens. Therein lies the most essential purpose of American education. Your contribution to the Ashbrook Center supports educational programs for students and teachers that have a lasting impact on future generations—programs that help the youngest Americans learn what it means to be an American and understand why they ought to love their country. Support us.

The generosity of likeminded patriots is vital to prepare the next generation of Americans for self-government.Join in the work.

“I support the Ashbrook Center for what it accomplishes with the students. Having factual historical knowledge of the subject is really a requirement to enter a discussion, regardless of the topic. Given that this discussion is our country, our government and ultimately our future, it’s important to know that we have a next generation of participants that have been properly prepared. While I hope and pray there are other institutions endeavoring in this same objective, I am thankful and grateful for the Ashbrook Center’s accomplishments.”
Tom Secor President, Durable Corporation and Ashbrook Supporter
“The Ashbrook Center is really outstanding not just because of what they teach but how they teach. Students are taught the process of how to think…not just concepts someone wants them to adopt. They also offer a Master of Arts in American History and Government degree that is changing the way educators present these subject to our future generations. I only wish I had been fortunate enough to have one of their educators when I was in school.”
Barbara Walter Ashbrook Supporter