Creating Informed Patriots

The Ashbrook Center strengthens the capacities of the American people for constitutional self-government. Read more about Ashbrook’s mission.

The Crisis Confronting America

America’s current crisis is not simply a crisis of facts and information. It is a crisis of understanding and devotion. For too long, young people have not learned why their country deserves respect and love.

For the American experiment in self-government to endure, our children and grandchildren must come to understand—and to love—America’s founding principles. Yet, we, as a nation, are failing.

The Ashbrook Solution

Ashbrook introduces young people to the real story of America—good and bad—through primary documents and serious conversation.

These young people come to see America’s history as a struggle to live up to the promise of freedom. They come to understand and love their country, and become willing to defend the principles that make it great.

Teaching American History Programs

Teaching American History programs and resources help teachers dramatically improve their understanding of American history and civics through a close study of primary source documents, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence they need to teach about America.

Ashbrook Scholar Program

The Ashbrook Scholar Program is a top-rated program for undergraduate students studying political science, history, or political economy. The education of every Ashbrook Scholar begins with a set of core principles: that the United States is worthy of serious study; that good citizenship is necessary in a free society; and that to be a good leader, one must know and understand the principles and history of the country.

Hilda E. Bretzlaff Ashbrook Academy

The Ashbrook Academy is an intensive summer program for high school students to study the primary documents and great texts of American history, government, and political economy. The Academy invites students to consider the American experiment in self-government as a triumph, a victory for the human spirit that warrants grateful celebration but also demands serious study.

Creating Thoughtful Patriots.

Our Founders knew that for our freedom to endure, Americans need to understand the principles of self-government and their rights and duties as citizens. Therein lies the most essential purpose of American education. Read more about the fundamental principles of civic education.


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