Bringing Home Forgotten MIAs - Memorial Day 2024 with Project Recover

May 29, 2024

Bringing Home Forgotten MIAs - Memorial Day 2024 with Project Recover

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The Legacy of American Soldiers: Project Recover’s Mission to Honor and Return

Project Recover, a non-profit organization, dedicates itself to the noble cause of locating and repatriating American service members still missing in action from past wars. Guided by a mission to provide answers and closure to families, the organization has made significant strides in recovering and identifying lost soldiers.

Origins and Significance of Project Recover

Initially known as the Bent Prop Project, Project Recover emerged from a group of dedicated individuals who embarked on missions to the Palau Islands in the South Pacific. Their efforts began with finding aircraft wreckage from World War II, which provided clues to the fate of missing service members.

The Significance of Palau

The Palau Islands played a significant role in the Pacific theater of World War II. Despite being a small archipelago, it witnessed extensive fighting, with nine major air campaigns taking place overhead. However, due to its remote location and limited infrastructure, many casualties remain missing to this day.

Mission Process

Project Recover systematically researches potential recovery sites, leveraging historical records, interviews with locals, and advanced technology. In the terrestrial environment, teams employ boots-on-the-ground tactics, while in the underwater environment, they utilize automated underwater vehicles and sidescan sonar to survey the ocean floor.

Recovery and Identification

Once a potential site is identified, a recovery mission is launched. The process involves meticulously excavating the site, screening debris for potential remains and artifacts, and documenting the findings through an established chain of custody. Recovered remains are then sent to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency for identification and repatriation.

Challenges and Impact

While Project Recover has made remarkable progress, challenges remain. Time and erosion threaten to erase evidence, and human development can encroach on recovery sites. Despite these obstacles, the organization continues to expand its operations, driven by the unwavering commitment to providing closure to families and honoring the sacrifices made by American service members.

Additional Information and Related Topics

* Over 81,000 Americans remain missing in action, with the majority from World War II.

* Project Recover has located and documented sites associated with approximately 300 missing Americans.

* The organization’s efforts have led to the repatriation of 17 service members, with an additional 25 currently undergoing the identification process.

* While primarily focused on missing service members, Project Recover has also assisted with the search for Amelia Earhart’s aircraft, although without direct involvement in the search itself.