Bombing Hitler's Hometown: The Untold Story of the last Mass Strategic Bombing Raid in the War in Europe

April 24, 2024

Bombing Hitler's Hometown: The Untold Story of the last Mass Strategic Bombing Raid in the War in Europe

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Mike Croissant, a retired CIA officer, unveils the story behind his latest book, “Bombing Hitler’s Hometown: The Untold Story of the Last Mass Bomber Raid of World War II in Europe.” Croissant shares his personal connection to the narrative, revealing how his uncle’s tragic death after the war sparked his journey to uncover the truth behind the bombing raid.

The Historical Significance of Lind

Lind, a city in Austria, held strategic importance during World War II due to Adolf Hitler’s personal attachment to it. As Hitler’s intended cultural capital of Europe, Lind housed significant industrial and transit centers, making it a prime target for Allied forces.

The Perilous Mission: Challenges and Consequences

The bombing raid on Lind, carried out by the US Army Air Force in April 1945, faced unprecedented challenges. With an intensified German air defense, including a staggering 1164 anti-aircraft guns, and the looming threat of German fighters, the mission proved to be one of the most perilous for the American bombers.

Heroism and Sacrifice: Stories from the Sky

Despite facing fierce opposition from German defenses, the Allied bombers pressed on with their mission. The raid resulted in the loss of 15 bombers and claimed the lives of 28 American airmen. Many survivors endured harrowing experiences, including capture by German and Soviet forces, underscoring the immense sacrifices made by Allied personnel during the war.

The Aftermath: Reflections and Legacy

Following the raid, the destruction inflicted upon Lind’s infrastructure was deemed a success, achieving its intended objective of disrupting German supply lines. However, the personal toll on the airmen involved, as recounted through firsthand testimonies, serves as a reminder of the lasting impact of war on individuals and their families.

Honoring the Unsung Heroes

Through meticulous research and intimate interviews with survivors, Croissant sheds light on the untold stories of courage, resilience, and sacrifice displayed by the men who participated in the raid. Their unwavering commitment to their mission and their country’s ideals serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of the American people during one of the darkest periods in history.


As Croissant’s book prepares to unveil this forgotten chapter of World War II history, it serves as a tribute to the brave individuals who risked everything to protect our way of life, and to liberate people they would never meet. Their stories, once buried and overlooked, now emerge as a powerful testament to the resilience and heroism of those who fought for a better world.