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For the American experiment in self-government to endure, America’s founding principles must be taught anew to each generation of citizens. Through the use of great books and original historical documents,  Ashbrook teaches students across our country what America is and what America represents in the long history of the world.

The Ashbrook Scholar Program is a rigorous and top-rated academic program for a select group of undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Political Science or History at Ashland University. Students study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as well as everything from Homer and Aristotle to the Federalist Papers and the speeches and deeds of America’s greatest statesmen.

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Webinars for high school students.

Our webinars for high school students are designed to be interactive and help foster a better understanding not only of our original documents but of the principles of American constitutional self-government necessary to cultivate the educated citizenry that the founders envisioned.

Ashbrook utilizes our video-conferencing experience to provide webinars with prospective students as another means of demonstrating to them what classes in the Scholar Program are like. We have a two-step approach to using webinars as a recruiting tool:

1. The first type of High School webinar is one in which an Ashbrook Scholar faculty member teaches a high school class. The conversation that they lead focuses on one of the 50 Core American Documents.

2. The second type of High School webinar is one in which individual prospective students are invited to attend a webinar taught by Ashbrook faculty. The webinars are scheduled for the second Sunday of every month.

Like the classroom webinars, these webinars focus conversation on one of the 50 Core Documents. The dates and topics can be found here.