Presidential Elections and Campaigns: What Can We Learn from History?

December 24, 2020

As we quickly approach the 2020 presidential election, Ashbrook is looking back to see what insights we can glean from history. While no one knows the outcome of the elections in November, we can learn important lessons from our history.

Each episode of this three-part webinar series will focus on a single pivotal election to examine the important people and events of those times to see what we can learn for today. The series, taken together, will provide attendees with a view of American presidential electoral politics as it has evolved over the centuries, how things have changed, and how in some cases, things have been remarkably consistent.

These live programs are free to all, and attendees will be able to ask the panelists questions via the chat function during the program. All episodes will air at 8 pm Eastern Time and will last 60 minutes each.

Dr. Jeff Sikkenga, Professor Political Science at Ashland University and Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center, will lead each episode, interviewing a different scholar from our graduate faculty each week.

Episode titles and suggested readings for each are below.

August 4: Jefferson and the Election of 1800; Panelist: Dr. Cara Rogers

This webinar has passed. Click here to view a recording. 

August 11: Lincoln and the Election of 1860; Panelist: Dr. Jason Stevens

This webinar has passed. Click here to view a recording. 

August 18: Reagan and the Election of 1980; Panelist: Dr. Chris Burkett

This webinar has passed. Click here to view a recording. 

The goal of these webinars is to put our upcoming presidential election within the context of America’s story. With this historical perspective, we hope to better understand see the light that history can shed on current events and renew our own understanding of America’s principles.