Kansas Teacher Inspires Student with 50 Core American Documents

December 24, 2020

Michael Wilmoth, an Ashbrook Teacher in Kansas and is also a student in Ashbrook’s Master of Arts in American History and Government degree program, shared with me an inspiring story from Chase, one of his students.

Mr. Wilmoth believes strongly in the Ashbrook method of teaching with primary source documents to engage and inspire his high school students. Using the 50 Core American Documents bookhe asks his students to choose three documents that are most meaningful to them and write an essay about what they learned from each. For most of the students, this is the first time they have been introduced to the conversation about the meaning of freedom and self-government. It is often an eye-opening experience.

For one of Mr. Wilmoth’s students, this story made a tremendous impact. In his essay, Chase wrote:

“Delving into the detailed 50 Core American Documents that were so influential on our country has definitely broadened my mind to the actual meaning behind the American spirit of freedom, equality, and justice.”

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, young people just like Chase are getting a better understanding of what it means to be an American. We hope you will be inspired by Chase’s story and the difference teachers like Mr. Wilmoth are making on students every day.