Ashbrook Scholar Thesis Calendar - Spring 2017

December 24, 2020

Ashbrook Scholar Thesis Calendar

The purpose of the Ashbrook Scholar Program is to broaden and deepen a student’s thinking about public affairs in general and the meaning and significance of America in particular. This is accomplished through many means, from classes to colloquia to lectures to a senior thesis.

The Ashbrook Senior Thesis is the opportunity that each Ashbrook Scholar has to demonstrate their knowledge in a particular area of learning. It is the culmination of their entire undergraduate education and an expression of what students are capable of intellectually. A thesis is, in most cases, a lengthy paper, typically around 40-60 pages, that attempts to answer a well-developed question regarding a topic of particular interest to you, usually in your major. After this paper is written, it will be publicly defended in front of a thesis committee, selected by the student, and an audience of other Ashbrook Scholars, friends, family, interested parties, and faculty. Thesis defenses are open to the public and are held in the Ashbrook Center on the campus of Ashland University.

Wednesday, April 5

3:30 pm – Eileen Navratil (advised by John Moser)
The Nazis’ War on Jazz

Thursday, April 6

2:00 pm – Stephanie Magliulo (advised by Chris Burkett)

4:00 pm – Ali Brosky (advised by Emily Hess)
Sacred and Secular Law: Frederick Douglass’s Religious and Constitutional Defense of Abolition

Tuesday, April 11

3:00 pm – C.J. Murnane (advised by John Moser)
Nuclear Chess Match: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Tuesday, April 12

3:45 pm – Colin Suffecool (advised by Rene Paddags)
The Jewish Perspective on the Two-State Solution: A Religious and Philosophic Examination of the Partition of the Land of Israel

Monday, April 17

5:00 pm – Hayden Eighinger (advised by David Foster)
The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God: The Morality of Capital Punishment in America

Tuesday, April 18

3:00 pm – Kayla Gowdy (advised by Chris Burkett)
The Art of the Campaign: What Makes a Candidate Consistently Electable?

Wednesday, April 19

2:00 pm – Jessica Frichtel (advised by David Foster)
The Role of Pride in the Fate of the Indians in North America

Thursday, April 20

3:30 pm – Bryanna Austin (advised by David Foster)
The Growing Concern about Prison Overpopulation: Causes of the Problem and Suggested Reforms

Friday, April 21

12:00 pm – Joey Barretta (advised by Emily Hess)
The Role of God and Statesman: The Differing Approaches of Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, Jr.

3:00 pm – Clayton Hrinko (advised by Justin Lyons)
Here at the End of All Things: An Aristotelian Examination of Friendship in The Lord of the Rings

Monday, April 24

1:00 pm – Josh Frey (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)
The Political Teachings of Shakespeare’s Rome

4:00 pm – Daniel Griffith (advised by Dan Monroe)
Wanderlust in the West: Daniel Boone and the Enigmatic Legend of American Mythology

6:30 pm – Nick Slinger (advised by Christopher Chartier)
On Julius Caesar: The Dark Triad and the Dictator

Tuesday, April 25

12:30 pm – Tucker Wilkinson (advised by Louis Mancha)

3:00 pm – Delaney Jones (advised by Richard Gray)

5:00 pm – Alex Henning (advised by Russell Weaver)
The American Man: Isn’t It Pretty to Think So?

Wednesday, April 26

4:30 pm – Emily Cardwell (advised by Hilary Donatini)
“To Dissolve the Barbarous Spell”: The Significance of Female Education in Eighteenth-Century English Literature

Thursday, April 27

1:00 pm – Nicholas Bartulovic (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)
“The Eternal In Us:” An Analysis of Love in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro

3:00 pm – Aimee Linville (advised by Marc Hedrick)

Friday, April 28

1:00 pm – Mykenna Schlorb (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)

3:00 pm – Shelby Boatman (advised by Jason Stevens)
The Problem of Monarchy: King Henry VIII and a Period Drama’s Role In History

Monday, May 1

1:00 pm – Owen Heckman (advised by David Aune)
Islam and Radicalism: Justifiable Violence in the Quran

3:00 pm – Megan Heckman (advised by Russell Weaver)
War and Peace: Reason and Religion

Thursday, May 4

2:00 pm – Sean Honaker (advised by David McCoy)