Insights from History Webinar Series

December 24, 2020

Insights from History Webinar Series

We’re living through history. While there has been a lot of speculation about what the coronavirus pandemic means for America’s future, one thing that is certain is that the grit and ingenuity of Americans will carry us through, as it always has.

Here at Ashbrook, we believe that looking back at America’s history can give us real insight into the problems that we currently face in America. That’s why Ashbrook offered our “Insights from History” webinar series. Throughout March and April 2020 we are offered six webinars on topics that are relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. Executive Director Jeff Sikkenga led each webinar alongside another member of Ashbrook’s national faculty serving as an expert in the topic at hand.

All webinars took place a 1 p.m. (Eastern Time). Recordings of each webinar are available at the links below:

March 25: “The 1918 Flu Epidemic: Lessons from History” with Dr. Jennifer Keene

April 1: “How Will History Judge? Presidential Leadership in Times of Crisis” with Dr. Steve Knott

April 8: “Bad Medicine? The Effects of Economic Emergencies on Liberty and Democracy” with Dr. Steve Hayward

April 15: “Fire in a Crowded Theater: Lessons from History on Civil Liberties During a National Emergency” with Dr. Joe Fornieri

April 22:  “The American Family in Times of Crisis: Education, Health Care, and the Tradeoffs of Coming Home” with Dr. Lauren Hall

April 29: “The Power of the Pulpit: Religious Leaders During Times of Crisis” with Dr. Melissa Matthes