Ashbrook: Where Teachers Become Experts

December 24, 2020

Dr. David Foster leads a classroom discussion on The Federalist Papers
Dr. David Foster leads a classroom discussion on the Federalist Papers with American history and government teachers

Teachers from across the country, 39 different states, are on our campus and online this summer taking intensive content-based courses on topics including the American Founding, Ratification of the US Constitution, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and America during the Cold War.

The Ashbrook Center provides middle and high school history and government teachers with the skills and materials they need to develop the next generation of civic-minded leaders. This is imperative to preserving liberty in America.

Teachers who want to improve their knowledge of American history and government are enrolled in intensive content-based courses from the Ashbrook Center this summer. Many of these teachers recognize that the emphasis on their training has been on how to teach, rather than what to teach. Now at Ashbrook they become experts in the subject they teach and will take what they’ve learned at Ashbrook right back to the students in their classrooms this fall and every year after.

The Ashbrook Center began offering programs for teachers in 1989. Since then, Ashbrook has grown into one of the nation’s leading providers of content and training for teachers of American history and government, offering teachers an unmatched range of professional development resources. Courses are taught by the finest historians and political scientists from colleges and universities around the country. This summer, in addition to on-campus courses offered by Ashbrook, teachers can take courses online.

“The Ashbrook program is for anyone who wants to enrich their content knowledge,” said Jen Jolley, an AP U.S. Government and Politics teacher at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Florida. “I have attended many summer social studies programs in my 20 years of teaching, however few compare to the Ashbrook Center’s scholarship. I am proud to earn my MA degree in American History and Government from Ashland University because I recognize what I am learning here equates to no other program in the country.”

Teachers use these courses to refresh and renew their skills and become experts in the topics they teach to the students in their classrooms. The credits they earn can be applied toward professional development and continuing education requirements, as well as a Master of Arts in American History and Government.

The Ashbrook Center offers many other resources for teachers, including an extensive document library and special exhibits through the website, Live Online Saturday seminars and weekend colloquia at important historic sites. For more information about our work with teachers, please visit our page: Programs for Teachers.