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Master of Arts in American History and Government

Jason Beavers, 2012 MAHG graduate

The Master of Arts in American History and Government degree program at Ashland University, established in 2005, is the only one of its kind in the nation, designed specifically for middle and high school teachers of history, civics, and government.

The Master’s program was created to address the lack of proper history and civic education in our schools by providing teachers with a deep and broad understanding of the subjects they teach, focusing on the use of original historical documents in the classroom. The program does not teach methodology or classroom management techniques.

Social Studies teachers enroll in intensive week long courses in the summer

To accommodate a teacher’s busy schedule, courses in the program are offered in two unique formats: as weeklong seminars during the summer and as interactive live online videoconferences offered throughout the academic year. A distinguished lineup of faculty from both Ashland University and other universities across the nation teach in the program.

The program has gained national significance. This year, more than 400 students, representing 50 states, took courses in the program. Though most are teachers taking courses for professional development, several hundred teachers from around the country, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the territories, are enrolled in the degree program. The program provides a unique and convenient alternative for teachers across the nation seeking a master’s degree in the subject area they teach.

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