Letter from Marvin J. Krinsky

January 1, 1998

Dear Friends,

In the inaugural issue of this publication, Peter Schramm outlined the Center’s central mission: “to educate future civic leaders of America in the moral and intellectual virtues required of self-governing citizens.” Our scholars are challenged to meet rigorous standards of excellence, academically as well as morally. I repeat that statement because it captures the essence of what has guided me to the position of President of the Friends of the Ashbrook Center.

Who and what are the Friends? The organization has as its mission to create awareness of and generate financial support for the Ashbrook Center and the Ashbrook Scholar program. Not nearly enough people know about or support those efforts. This is somewhat understandable since we have not had to do the kind of marketing necessary to make the Ashbrook Center a “household” name. We had been blessed by a wonderful benefactor, who for many years supported our operational financial needs. That support (for which we will be forever grateful!) is no longer available. This will, I believe, prove to be a long term blessing for us, although the short term is proving to be a significant concern. We are now going out and broadening our base of support. The Friends’ challenge is to educate you about what we do and, most importantly, the benefits that the community at large receives from the programs of the Ashbrook Center.

At fifteen years, the Center is still young in age but is a strong force for what is good. It is capable of bringing about the kind of change to return to what the Founders had in mind for our great country. There are few places in this land that even attempt to teach these principles to our children. We are fortunate to have this institution to rally around, especially at this time. Our scholars go forth better prepared than most students to face the challenges of life and deal with them in a most honorable way. They have a better understanding of the principles of liberty than many of our fellow citizens and will be able to provide leadership that is so badly needed in this area.

So please join me and the others who are members of the Friends of the Ashbrook Center in assuring not only the continuation of this marvelous place of learning but also the ability to spread the word even further. We need your help in any way you can provide it, from financial assistance to opportunities to meet with your friends to tell them our story.

Very truly yours,

Marvin J. Krinsky