Ashbrook Scholars Gain Experience Through Internships

July 1, 1997

An integral part of the education of Ashbrook Scholars is real-world work experience in public affairs.

As a rule, however, many of the most valuable internships are either unpaid or offer small stipends that only cover the cost of housing and some meals. Since the vast majority of Ashbrook Scholars come from middle to lower income families, the Thomas Van Meter Scholarship Fund has been instituted to help Ashbrook Scholars pursue these opportunities. This year, nine Ashbrook Scholars are participating in the program. They are:

Erica Carson, a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio. Erica has an internship at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Washington, D.C.

Evelyn Luster, a junior from Mansfield, Ohio. Evelyn has an internship in the office of Ohio State Treasurer, Ken Blackwell, in Columbus, Ohio.

Cynthia Morgan, a sophomore from Louisville, Ohio. Cynthia has an internship at the Center for Equal Opportunity in Washington, D.C.

Joseph Tripi, a sophomore from Seven Hills, Ohio. Joseph has an internship with the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington, D.C.

Angela Vloedman, a sophomore from Bedford, Ohio. Angela has an internship at The Weekly Standard in Washington, D.C.

Angela Youngen, a junior from Carrollton, Ohio. Angela has an internship at the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Chapman, a senior from New Carlisle, Ohio. Michelle has an internship with AT&T in Washington, D.C.

Erica Cook, a junior from North Canton, Ohio. Erica has an internship at the Washington Times this summer.

Rosanne Shriner, a senior from Creston, Ohio. Rosanne has an internship at the National Foundation for Women Legislators in Washington, D.C.