The Director’s Corner

Charles E. Parton

April 1, 1995

It’s tough to keep putting together a first-rate lecture series. But we continue to be successful. On Wednesday, April 12, the now infamous Tony Snow will present the first of our two spring lectures. Mr. Snow, who is the permanent guest host of the Rush Limbaugh radio show, will discuss the changes created when the Newtonian bomb was dropped on our nation’s capitol. The title of Mr. Snow’s talk is "Clinton, America, and the Newt Congress."

On Tuesday, May 2, the Center is honored to host a good friend from that state up north, the Honorable John Engler. Governor Engler is responsible for what has been termed the "Michigan Miracle." One could find the humor in the miraculous fact that after last November’s congressional election, his wide, Michelle, gave birth to a beautiful set of baby girls–Margaret, Hannah, and Madeleine–but the real miracle is what he has done as the Governor of a successful midwestern state by reducing the tax burden on its citizens through cutting taxes and reducing government spending.

As we conclude our 1994-95 lecture series, our Ashbrook Scholars are beginning to make their final plans for their summer internships. These internships are one of the most important elements of an Ashbrook Scholar’s program. I thought you might be interested in knowing about a few of our Scholars’ summer plans.

Roger Beckett will be working in the offices of William F. Buckley’s National Review in New York City. Roger will be responsible for helping to coordinate a June conference in Washington, DC as well as being exposed to the internal workings of America’s leading conservative magazine. Rosanne Shriner will be working with the Wayne County Public Defender’s Office on various legal issues. She will be given valuable experience in the minutia of legal briefs and the court system. Bill Muldoon will work in the offices of Sprint’s Governmental Affairs Department in Washington, DC. Bill will have a chance to see how the legislative process works from the point of view of a private sector company.

All of this is made possible through the broad support the Ashbrook Center receives each from our many friends. This year, like the last three, family and friends of Tom Van Meter will be hosting a reception and dinner in Tom’s memory in Columbus, Ohio on May 21. Syndicated columnist and talk-show pundit Mona Charen will be our guest for the evening to give us a national perspective on the political scene. Proceeds from this event will be used to help underwrite the summer internship experience of students like Roger, Rosanne and Bill.

As always the Ashbrook Center is thankful for your continued interest and support of our work.