American Lives: "Last Summer Boys," an American Novel

September 27, 2023

American Lives: "Last Summer Boys," an American Novel

Setting the Stage: “Last Summer Boys”

“Last Summer Boys” takes place in the year 1968, a time marked by social upheaval, the Vietnam War, and significant changes in American society. The story primarily revolves around three brothers living in rural Pennsylvania, with their city-dwelling cousin joining them for the summer. This cousin’s arrival is prompted by the unrest in the city following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., making it a difficult summer for the entire nation. The youngest of the brothers becomes the focal character, grappling with his oldest brother’s impending military draft and a family tradition deeply rooted in military service. He’s torn between wanting to keep his brother safe and respecting the family’s honorable military legacy. To achieve this, he seeks the help of their city cousin, leading to a heartwarming tale of familial love, loyalty, and unity in the face of challenging times.

Crafting a Novel Across Generations

Bill Rivers brings a unique perspective to the writing of “Last Summer Boys.” While he was not alive during the events of 1968, he draws from a rich family tradition of storytelling. Growing up in a family of storytellers, Bill was exposed to the art of narrating tales, with many of his family’s own stories making their way into the novel. These stories, passed down through generations, carry the essence of familial bonds and experiences that can resonate with readers. This familial storytelling tradition provided Bill with the foundation for his novel, demonstrating the power of personal narratives in crafting a broader narrative.

The Heart of “Last Summer Boys”

While “Last Summer Boys” is set against the backdrop of a politically charged time, it’s not a political novel in the traditional sense. Bill Rivers’ focus is on the interpersonal dynamics within the family, highlighting the importance of personal relationships over broader political events. The political climate of 1968 serves as a significant catalyst for the story, but the heart of the narrative lies in the family’s dynamics and their struggle to stay together during turbulent times. Bill’s novel underscores a powerful message: that in the midst of societal changes and political turmoil, the family unit remains the place where individuals can exert the most positive influence and create meaningful change.


“Last Summer Boys” is a novel that beautifully captures the essence of family, love, and unity in the face of challenging times. Bill Rivers’ unique perspective and his family’s storytelling tradition provide a strong foundation for this engaging narrative. In a world where politics and societal issues often dominate the narrative, “Last Summer Boys” reminds us that the heart of any meaningful story lies within the bonds we share with our loved ones. It’s a powerful testament to the enduring importance of family, no matter the era or the circumstances.

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