The Reagan Revolution with Greg McBrayer and John Moser | Documents and Debates

In this episode of The American Idea, Jeff welcomes back two old friends of the show, Dr. Greg McBrayer, Associate Professor of Political Science at Ashland University and Ashbrook’s Director of Citizen Programs, and Dr. John Moser, Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History and Political Science at Ashland University, for an in-depth conversation about the ascension of Ronald Reagan from Hollywood actor to the 40th President of the United States. Greg, John, and Jeff will examine the Reagan Revolution and the Fall of the Soviet Union through two of the Gipper’s most important political speeches: “A Time for Choosing” (1964) and Reagan’s Speech at Brandenburg Gate — or more famously known as the “Tear Down This Wall!” speech (1987). Their conversation will examine both the complex historical narrative surrounding American politics and world affairs between 1964 and the fall of the Berlin Wall, Reagan’s place in that narrative, and how Reagan’s principled defense of freedom and the virtues of capitalism guided America to victory in the Cold War.

Host: Jeff Sikkenga

Executive Producer: Greg McBrayer

Producer: Tyler MacQueen