The Constitutional Convention of 1787 with Gordon Lloyd and Chris Burkett | Documents and Debates

In this episode of The American Idea, Jeff is joined by Dr. Gordon Lloyd, Dockson Emeritus Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University and Senior Fellow at Ashbrook, and Dr. Chris Burkett, Associate Professor of Political Science at Ashland University and Director of the Ashbrook Scholar Program, for a lively conversation on the dramatic story and the legacy of the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

The leading expert on the Constitutional Convention, Gordon has spent the past forty years studying and writing on this essential part of the American story. He is the editor of several of Ashbrook’s Core Document volumes for teachers, including the American Founding and the Bill of Rights volumes, and our printing of Madison’s Notes on the Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787. He is also the author of four highly regarded and widely-used online exhibits on the Founding, which are hosted exclusively on Ashbrook’s new website

Host: Jeff Sikkenga

Executive Producer: Greg McBrayer

Producer: Jeremy Gypton, Tyler MacQueen