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As you may know, there is a growing crisis in civic education. Too many young people are losing faith in America. They are being indoctrinated with the divisive idea that the story of America is one of oppression, not freedom; injustice, not hope. And it’s no wonder, since they are confronted at every turn by inaccurate accounts of American history—like the 1619 Project.

How can we fix this crisis? We believe the key to reaching the young is through those who teach the young.

We hear from teachers all the time who are desperate to convey their love of American history to their students but who don’t have the resources they need to help them side step politics in the classroom and help their students learn the real story of America.

That’s why we offer educational programs for thousands of middle and high school history, government and civics teachers every year. Our Teaching American History programs equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence they need to teach about America using the documents you will study in this course.

Why teachers? Because reaching teachers has a multiplier effect. By reaching thousands of teachers, we can reach millions of students!

Teachers love our programs! They thank us—and the donors who support them—for giving them such insights into teaching our country’s rich history. One teacher even taught a high school student how to read—using the Declaration of Independence!

In reaching teachers, we can help change the direction of our country by raising a generation of students who love and respect our country and are proud to be Americans.

Every graduating class of high school seniors is another generation of citizens who will determine the fate of our nation. Think about that. Which way will they take us? Toward our Founding principles or away from them? Will they embrace freedom or turn away from it?

We believe that investing in teachers is key. If we support them with high quality programs and essential resources, they can pass their love of America on to their students. Education shapes the hearts and minds of those who will vote in elections.

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Your gift will help fund Core Documents volumes containing collections of key documents with short introductions and discussion questions. When used in conjunction with our highly effective active learning approach based on discussion of the documents, the Core Documents volumes help teachers supplement or replace biased textbooks in the classroom. Your gift will also fund monthly webinars on subjects like the Constitution and The Federalist Papers and in-person teacher seminars across the country where teachers can increase their own knowledge of the subject they teach.

Your gift today may be the reason a young person develops a love and appreciation for America.

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If you give a gift of $75 or more, we’ll send you your own hard copy of The American Idea book to study alongside the course!

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