Rich Policz

Rich Policz

Associate Director of Student Programs

Rich Policz is a 1997 graduate of Ashland University where he received his degree in Political Science and Philosophy. He is an alumnus of the Ashbrook Scholar Program.

Prior to starting his work with Ashbrook in 2020, Rich worked in Administration and Development at Ashland Christian School, culminating in the funding and founding of Veritas Classical Christian Academy, where he served as Principal and teacher of the Great Books courses. He then spent time in various leadership roles for Verizon Wireless, most recently as General Manager of the Mansfield, Ohio location. He has been published in various print and digital media on an array of topics including military history, Christianity and culture, rock n’ roll, and English Premier League Football.

In his position at the Center, he recruits for all of Ashbrook’s programs for undergraduate and high school students including the Ashbrook Scholar Program and the Ashbrook Academy.

He lives in Ashland with his wife, Deidre, and their four sons.