Unlock the truth about American history with our Race and Civil Rights eBook

False history narratives and misinformation about America are spreading throughout the nation, attempting to indoctrinate Americans – especially young Americans – with the divisive idea that the story of America is one of oppression, not freedom; injustice, not hope.

To combat these dangerous narratives, we’ve put together a new eBook—Race and Civil Rights—which compiles over 30 key documents spanning the end of the Civil War to present day. It reflects on landmark court cases and tells the story of race relations in America through important and moving speeches and documents–some more familiar and others less so, but all important to understanding race in America.

We invite you to get acquainted with the men and women who lived and wrote our history. When you read the words of great Americans like Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington (and those who opposed them), you have direct access to the minds of those who shaped our nation’s history. You can see the challenges they faced, examine their intentions, and join the great debates that guided their choices in the struggle for freedom.

There is not a more accurate account of American history.

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