Victoria Hughes Named Director of Development of the Ashbrook Center

December 24, 2020

Victoria Hughes
Victoria Hughes

Victoria Hughes has been named Director of Development of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University.

Hughes brings with her 27 years of fundraising experience as well as a deep commitment to our American Founding Principles. In 1999 Hughes established the Bill of Rights Institute and served as President for 11 years, preparing thousands of teachers to more effectively teach the Constitution. She also worked with A.C. Fitzgerald & Associates, advising nonprofits how to improve their fundraising operations.

Ashbrook Center Executive Director Roger Beckett explained, “Victoria’s leadership and fundraising skills will help Ashbrook grow.  She will be responsible for implementing a comprehensive advancement program to introduce more people to our mission. With her help, we will expand the Ashbrook Scholar Program for undergraduates, introduce more high school students to our American founding principles, and prepare thousands of teachers to educate millions of students about our American history and civics.”

Hughes has held senior executive positions at the Heritage Foundation, the Charles Koch Foundation, Citizens for a Sound Economy, Reason Foundation, the Reagan-Bush ’84 Campaign, the 50th Presidential Inaugural Committee, the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, and the U.S. Information Agency.

Victoria lived three years in Barbados, where – as the wife of the United States Ambassador – she actively participated in many charitable activities benefiting the people of the Eastern Caribbean. Victoria began her career as a classroom teacher and has taught in suburban Cincinnati, Boston, and inner city Washington, D.C. She earned her degree in Education from the University of Dayton.

Victoria said, “My teacher heart is delighted to join the Ashbrook team.  Together with our Ashbrook supporters, we will expand programs to educate the next generation about what it means to be an American.”

The Ashbrook Center, an independent center at Ashland University, restores and strengthens the capacities of the American people for constitutional self-government. The Center teaches students and teachers across our country why America is exceptional and what America represents in the long history of the world. Ashbrook creates informed patriots.