Scholars Receive End-of-Year Honors

December 24, 2020

Scholars Receive End-of-Year Honors
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As the spring semester has come to a close, we congratulate the 21 graduating Ashbrook Scholars on the successful completion of their degrees.  Additionally the evening before graduation the following Scholars received awards at the Ashbrook Scholar Senior Reception:

Peter Schramm and Dantan Wernecke

Dantan Wernecke receives the top honor of the James Madison Award, Outstanding Ashbrook Senior Scholar.

Ashbrook Scholar Program’s Charles Parton Award for Outstanding Theses:

Becky Brown for “A History of the Anglo-American Special Relationship

Alyssa Bornhorst for “Noise Pollution: The Effects of Rock Music on a Liberal Education

James Velasquez for “Boundless Vision: A Reading of Plato’s Symposium

Dantan Wernecke for “The Happy Empire: Aristotle, Publius, and the American Regime

You can find these and past Parton Award winners here.