Scholars Intern in Washington and Beyond

December 24, 2020

Scholars Intern in Washington and Beyond
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The Ashbrook Scholar program is a unique combination of academic rigor and practical experience. Ashbrook Scholars receive all the benefits associated with a liberal arts education and have the opportunity to test their education in real-world situations.

Ashbrook Scholars have held internships with such organizations as the White House Office of Communications, The Weekly Standard, The Heritage Foundation, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Secret Service, the Center for Equal Opportunity, the Center for Education Reform, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Republican National Committee, The Washington Times, Fox News, the Vatican, the Ohio Secretary of State, the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Republican Party, the Claremont Institute, and numerous Congressional offices and committees.

Eighteen of our Scholars have secured internships this summer:

  • Daniel Mitchell is taking part in the Koch Internship Program.
  • Sarah Spinner is interning with the Institute for Humane Studies in Washington, DC.
  • Johanna Mateo is interning for Senator John Kerry in Washington, DC.
  • Tammy Mendes-Lunardi is interning at the Institute for World Politics in Washington, DC.
  • Silas Horst is interning at the national offices of the Church of Christ, Scientist in Washington, DC.
  •  Joe Griffith is interning at the Claremont Institute in Claremont, California.
  • Christopher Goffos is interning in the district office of Congressman Bill Johnson and in the Columbus office of Ohio Representative Dave Hall.
  • Matt Gribler is interning in the district office of Congressman Steve Stivers.
  • Kate Brickner is interning with the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee.
  • Dantan Wernecke is working as a research assistant to Ashbrook Executive Director Peter W. Schramm.
  • Stacia Rapp, Tanner Bleedorn, Mariah Dunsing, Hilary Neal, Erin Sutter, Danny Lusheck, and Marc Zimmerman are interning at the Ashbrook Center providing support for the Master of Arts in American History and Government program.

Additionally, a number of our students are using the summer months as an opportunity to study abroad. We have students spending all or part of the summer in Taiwan, Austria, Korea, and Thailand.