Executive Director Reappointed to Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission

December 24, 2020

Ashbrook Center Executive Director Roger Beckett has been reappointed to the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission as one of the 20 public members at its meeting in January. Beckett is the chair of the Public Education and Information Committee. He also serves on the Constitutional Revision and Updating Committee and the Education, Public Institutions, and Local Government Committee.

Senator Charles Tavares noted that Beckett “has provided outstanding leadership to the committee and kept it on task in its critical review of constitutional issues.”

Representative Ron Amstutz noted that “all of the public members of the Commission are to be admired for their commitment and the voluntary giving of their valuable time to this process to review of state constitution.”

The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission was established in 2011 by the 129th General Assembly and is charged with studying Ohio’s Constitution, promoting discussion of changes, and making recommendations to the Ohio General Assembly for the amendment of the Constitution.

Commission members serve two-year terms, which end on January 1 of every even-numbered year, after which they may be reappointed. The full Commission is made up of 32 members – 20 public and 12 Legislative.