Celebrate Constitution Day with Ashbrook

December 24, 2020

Celebrate Constitution Day with Ashbrook
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September 17, 2013 is the 226th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution

September 17 marks the 226th anniversary of our nation’s founding document.

On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention met for the last time. After four months of meetings, delegates would now sign the document they had created and send it on to the people of the several states for ratification.


Up close look at the rising sun in Washington's chair back
Up close look at the rising sun in Washington’s chair back

The Sun Rises on a New Form of Government

During the long summer of secret deliberations, the delegates had wrestled with differences of opinion that could have prevented settling on a final plan for government. But on the day of the signing, Benjamin Franklin summed up what had been achieved. Looking at the chair occupied by George Washington—who led the convention—he spoke of the sun image carved in the chair’s back. “It is a rising, and not a setting Sun,” he declared.

Attend the 15th annual Robert E. Henderson Constitution Day Lecture with Dr. Peter Schramm: “The Constitutional Character of Benjamin Franklin.”

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