Schramm to Retire from Position as Executive Director

December 24, 2020

Today, Marvin J. Krinsky, Chairman of the Ashbrook Board, announced the retirement of Peter W. Schramm from the position of Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center effective May 31, 2013.

“Under Peter’s leadership the Ashbrook Center has prospered and grown into its true purpose of educating Americans in constitutional self-government,” said Krinsky. “Through his work at Ashbrook, Peter has taught thousands of students what it means to be an American.”

Peter Schramm joined the Ashbrook Center in 1988 and was promoted to Executive Director in 1997.

“Last year, I was diagnosed with a stage four melanoma. While I am now cancer free, facing my mortality focuses my mind on what is truly important in life,” said Schramm.  “For me, that is ensuring that Ashbrook is left in good hands and completing my work on the Center’s behalf by taking on a new role that allows me to emphasize those things that I have a special affection for – teaching and mentoring both students and faculty on the undergraduate and graduate level as well as writing about our unique way of teaching and why it is so effective.”

The Executive Committee of the Ashbrook Board is implementing a succession plan to name a new Executive Director no later than May 31, 2013.

“The Ashbrook Board is committed to the Center’s mission to strengthen constitutional self-government and will choose a new Executive Director who is as passionate about that mission as Peter,” said Krinsky. “The work done by Ashbrook is imperative to the success of our country for generations to come.”

Ashbrook is collecting tributes, stories and fond memories from alumni, colleagues and friends as a part of Schramm’s retirement. Those who wish to honor him may do so by visiting the tribute page.