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National Advisory Board on Civic Education

As the crisis in civic education grows into an issue of indisputable importance, the Ashbrook governing Board approved the formation of a National Advisory Board on Civic Education in 2021 to provide national perspectives and support. Members of Ashbrook’s National Advisory Board come from a variety of backgrounds including business, education, politics, and policy and are philanthropists and thought leaders united with the common objective of strengthening civic education for young people across the country.

The Advisory Board has become an increasingly indispensable resource offering advice and input as the Ashbrook Center expands to reach more students, teachers, and citizens and restore the noble principles of our Founding to their rightful place in the hearts and minds of the American people.

Members of the National Advisory Board:

Chairman Pete Peterson,
Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy

Bill Amos, †
emeritus member

Fred Broad,
former owner of Packaging Specialists and senior advisor with Packaging Corporation of America

David Davenport, founding chairman,
research fellow emeritus at the Hoover Institution and former President of Pepperdine University

Michael Gleba,
Chairman/CEO, Treasurer, and Trustee at the Sarah Scaife Foundation

John Hillen,
business executive and former Assistant Secretary of State

Mark Chapin Johnson,
entrepreneur and professor of Political Science at Chapman University

Michael Maibach,
Distinguished Fellow for Save Our States

Wilfred McClay,
professor of History at Hillsdale College

Bob Oster,
philanthropist and former Chief Financial Officer of Oracle Corporation

Vivek Ramaswamy,
presidential candidate, author, and entrepreneur

Jeff Sessions,
former U.S. Attorney General and Senator from Alabama

Ken Starr, †
emeritus member

Elise Westhoff,
former CEO and President of Philanthropy Roundtable