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Thank you for registering for the upcoming webinar, “Heroes of the Civil War.” We are eager to discuss a few of the greatest heroes in American history and are glad you plan to join us on April 11th!

We’re holding this webinar in a strange time when heroes of the past are commonly derided, their statues are torn down, and their stories are erased from textbooks.

The clear-sighted vision of men like Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, who knew what they were saving, is a stark contrast to the confusion of many today who have no idea what America stands for.

That’s why we believe that we must continue to preserve the legacies of men like these, who had a vision of America and were able to lead others towards that vision. We hope you will gain a better understanding of the extraordinary lives of these men who helped to preserve our nation and the significance of our Founding documents. 

Ashbrook aims to educate our fellow Americans in the history and Founding principles of our country and the habits of reflection and choice necessary to perpetuate our republic. Simply put, we are in the freedom business.

Our Founders knew that for our freedom to endure, Americans need to understand the principles of self-government and their rights and duties as citizens. Therein lies the most essential purpose of American education. 

If you share our conviction that heroes like Lincoln, Grant, and Chamberlain should be studied rather than suppressed, would you consider strengthening American education today by making a contribution to the Ashbrook Center? Your gift will make it possible for others to participate in educational webinars like this one.

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Your contribution to the Ashbrook Center will make a critical difference in developing the educated citizenry necessary to secure America’s legacy of freedom and opportunity.

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