These days that too many people want to take America – out of our schools, out of the public square, and if they had their way, out of our hearts and minds. They want to take away America’s true history and principles – replacing them with the notion that America is a fundamentally flawed nation, hopelessly shot through with oppression and injustice. 

The Founders called America an experiment in self-government. Prior to 1776, no people had tried to form a country based on the self-evident truths of freedom found in the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, as the Declaration puts it.  Many believed it wasn’t possible for men to govern themselves. But the Founders took a chance when they gave America a chance. 

We’re challenging you to do the same—give America a chance! You can do this by giving America – this great experiment in self-government – to the next generation of Americans. Your gift to Ashbrook today reaches students, teachers, and citizens across the country—helping them to understand why America is worthy of their devotion.

With so many forces taking and taking – away from our history; away from our principles – isn’t it time to give America a chance? 

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