Banned Books, Banned Thoughts: What to Do About Cancel Culture

with  Flagg Taylor

Banned Books, Banned Thoughts: What to Do About Cancel Culture

Where and when

March 21, 2023 —
7 P.M. ET - 8 p.m. ET


What country in the history of the world has had the greatest freedom of thought? You might be surprised to know that according to one of history’s most insightful political thinkers, the answer is NOT America. In fact, the renowned political scientist, Alexis De Tocqueville, remarked after observing American society in the 1830s, “I do not know any country where, in general, less independence of mind and genuine freedom of discussion reign than in America.”

How could this be true when authoritarian regimes routinely ban books and censor dissent? Does modern democracy have its own way of limiting free thought and censoring unfavorable opinions? Just ask anyone who has been the victim of “cancel culture.”

Freedom of thought and expression is a complex topic at the intersection of art, politics, and civic life. We hope you will join us for a conversation with Flagg Taylor, professor of political science at Skidmore College, to learn more about a topic that is all too relevant for those of us in “the land of the free.” Ashbrook Executive Director Jeff Sikkenga will host the conversation and welcome questions from the audience.

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