It is time to realize the failures of the current educational system in teaching our children about America. Too often, an honest understanding of America’s history and Founding principles is being pushed aside by the idea that America’s story is one of oppression rather than freedom. We must rise up and speak out against indifference and neglect towards our youth and our nation’s past.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • that our children deserve the greatest education on earth;
  • that education is about discovery, not indoctrination;
  • that the future of freedom in America depends on citizens who understand and appreciate the principles of self-government;
  • that a proper, honest civic education studies both a nation’s successes and its failures, free of partiality and minimization.

When the educational system departs from these truths, we must take back control of our children’s education, who have a right to learn why their country, though not perfect, is good and merits their affection.

As this describes the current position of America’s educational system, now is the time to make our children’s education into a force for creating informed, thoughtful citizens. 

We, therefore, declare independence from:

  • Biased textbooks that push narratives rather than educate
  • Political agendas in the classroom
  • A way of education that is focused on indoctrination rather than understanding our principles and learning from our past

We must embrace an educational approach that teaches children how to think for themselves; that focuses on the primary documents of our American story; that provides a fundamental knowledge of America’s history and Founding principles; and that fosters an atmosphere of civil conversation in the classroom… 

We declare our support for a break from the modern-day status quo. We declare our intent to promote a new approach to education will enhance the ability of America’s youth to think seriously about their rights and duties as Americans and restore their respect for and devotion to our exceptional nation as we continue along the path toward a more perfect union.