Discover America’s Unfolding Story of Freedom for Yourself Through These Core Documents

In recent years, misinformation about America’s Founding has been spreading across the country like wildfire. And that’s especially true in our nation’s education system.

Too many of our universities, high schools, and even elementary schools lean more toward indoctrinating students than challenging them or encouraging them to think for themselves. And right now, we’re at a point where more and more Americans–especially young Americans–believe our history is the story of oppression, not freedom.

But America is an exceptional country. And every citizen should understand our nation’s unfolding story of liberty and self-government. That’s why the Ashbrook Center is committed to educating our fellow Americans–to helping them learn directly from the words of those who lived and wrote our history.

Today, we want to send you a copy of our popular eBook: 50 Core American Documents for FREE!

Through this one-of-a-kind eBook, you can engage with some of our country’s most foundational documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. You’ll also get a rare look at private letters that tell us something uniquely important about the “American mind.”

When you read 50 Core American Documents, you’ll not only learn more about our nation’s Founding, but you’ll discover different views on some of the major issues and disputes in American history and government including:

  • The meaning of the Constitution.
  • The injustice of slavery.
  • The demands of progress.
  •  And more!

If you’re looking to cut through the piles of misinformation on the internet and too often in classrooms across the country, this is the eBook for YOU!

Get instant access to your FREE copy of 50 Core American Documents. Learn straight from our country’s original documents and allow those who lived in the past to help you become a better-informed citizen today. 

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