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But before you go, would you consider something?

While you are about to read and enjoy this volume of 50 Core American Documents, many young Americans are not sharing the same experience.

Today, America’s young people face the unfair challenge of deciphering what’s true and what’s false about American history. This is a challenge that so few of them are even aware of, and that has been pressed on them due to indoctrination and the spreading of false ideologies like Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project

Right now, more than 3,500 classrooms across America include 1619 Project lesson plans in their history curricula. If you account for 30 kids per classroom, that’s over 100,000 students per year learning that America was built on slavery, not freedom.

For the sake of our youth and for the future of democracy, we must give teachers the resources they need to teach the Constitution, Declaration, and other primary documents in their classroom – the TRUTH about American history. Because how you learn about your country becomes how you think about your country, and we cannot afford to raise a generation of children who hate America.

Ashbrook prioritizes students and deep, meaningful, and accurate history education. Through our primary source educational resources, Teaching American History programs, and national outreach, we aim to develop a generation of educated citizens grounded in our nation’s history and founding principles.

But we need your help to give teachers the resources to tell students the truth about America.

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  • Get educational resources like 50 Core American Documents into more schools and in front of more students, allowing them to learn and interpret history from those who lived and wrote it.

  • Recruit more teachers into our Teaching American History programs where they’re equipped with primary source documents they can take back to the classroom and taught effective methods for teaching about America’s Founding. 

You’ll contribute to an immediate effort to support today’s students, but also help lay the foundation for generations of students to come. 

And if you give a gift of $75 or more, we’ll also send you your own printed copy of 50 Core American Documents as our way of saying thank you!

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