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When you read this eBook, you’ll learn what was going through the minds of those who played a pivotal role in navigating our path to securing individual freedom. You’ll learn from the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence but also from other important documents that shaped our country in fascinating ways. 

With so much misinformation today about America’s Founding—especially in our nation’s universities, high schools, and elementary schools—this really comes at a critical time.

After all, too many students are being indoctrinated and not being challenged to think for themselves. And right now, we’re at a point where more and more Americans –especially young Americans–believe our history is a story of oppression, not freedom.

That’s why the Ashbrook Center seeks to strengthen self-government by educating students, teachers, and citizens in the history and Founding principles of our country.

But we’re not just preaching to the choir. Many of the documents present different views on some of the major issues and disputes in American history and government. We are in the freedom business, and we believe that the human mind is free. That’s why our programs use a highly effective active learning approach based on discussion of original historical documents to help our fellow Americans discover the wonderfully interesting story of America for themselves.

With more than 30,000 teachers in our network,  hundreds of thousands of students, and countless citizens reached, we are gaining momentum. But we have more work to do. And we must work fast.

Each new graduating class has the potential to either fritter away our freedom and undermine our Founding principles or become responsible citizens who understand why America is worthy of their respect and devotion.

But in order to reach them, we need your help. Will you support these educational efforts by making a tax-deductible gift right now?

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  • Educate more students through conversations based on original documents—like the ones you’ll read in this eBook.
  • Empower citizens to engage in civil conversations about the most sensitive issues in American history and politics.
  • Equip tens of thousands of teachers to reach hundreds of thousands of young Americans.
  • Cultivate the leaders and citizens needed to perpetuate American freedom.

If you’re concerned about the direction our country is heading, please don’t wait. Make your gift right now to ensure that future generations of Americans understand why their country is exceptional.

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