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Friend, you found our publication, 50 Core American Documents and chose to receive a copy to read for yourself. So it’s clear that you care about America and those essential documents that tell the story of freedom. 

We share your appreciation and believe that it is critically important for young people to be introduced to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and countless other important documents in their American history and government classes.

Don’t you agree that these documents should be taught in American schools again? 

Ashbrook aims to get these documents back into classrooms across America. And we have a plan–a plan we execute every day. 

What is the plan? Simple. The most effective way to reach the most students is through their teachers. 

Now you might think that teachers are actively engaged in teaching American history to students using these essential documents, but unfortunately too often that’s not the case. We hear from–and help–thousands of teachers every year who tell us that they are not equipped to teach their students about our country’s unique history and principles.

That’s where Ashbrook steps in. We offer a variety of educational programs and classroom resources to help teachers including:

  • Daylong and multi-day seminars across the country
  • Monthly document-based webinars to discuss critical questions in American history
  • A fully accredited graduate degree program
  • An online library of over 3,000 free primary source documents and other interactive classroom resources

Ashbrook continues to produce high quality programs and resources for teachers to use in their classrooms with their students. In the next academic year alone, we will provide over 150 in-person and online programs for teachers on topics like America’s Founding, The Constitution, and the Federalist Papers to arm teachers with this information to share with their students about why America is good and worthy of their affection. 

Will you give a gift today to help equip tens of thousands of teachers to reach hundreds of thousands of young Americans every year? 

Your gift will help teachers learn about the beauty of America’s Founding, so that they can influence the education of class after class of students. 

If you’re concerned about the direction our country is heading and want to help ensure that the true history of our country is being taught, please don’t wait. Make your contribution now so future generations of Americans can discover for themselves why their country is exceptional and become citizens capable of perpetuating the promise of America.

If you give a gift of $75 or more, we’ll send you your own hard copy of 50 Core American Documents to mark up and enjoy at home or share with others!

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