Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

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About Us


Marvin J. Krinsky
Chairman of the Board
Mansfield, Ohio

Robert Alt
President and CEO
The Buckeye Institute

William G. Batchelder
Former Speaker
Ohio House of Representatives

Roger L. Beckett
Executive Director
Ashbrook Center

James Buchwald
Ariel Corporation

Elizabeth Bundy
Bundy Baking Solutions

David M. Bush
Former President and CEO
Adena Corporation

Carlos Campo
Ashland University

David J. Eichinger
First Vice-President
Merrill Lynch

D. Rex Elsass
Strategy Group, Inc.

Christopher Flannery
Professor of Political Science
Azusa Pacific University

Jeffrey S. Gorman
The Gorman-Rupp Company

Jennifer Guy
Former President
Association of Community Cancer Centers

Jay Hartz
Deputy Chief of Staff
President of the Kentucky State Senate

Steven F. Hayward
Professor of Public Policy
Pepperdine University

Charles R. Kesler
Claremont Review of Books

Robert D. Kessler
Kessler Sign Company

William Kristol
The Weekly Standard

Richard Lowry
National Review

Bob McEwen
Executive Director
Council for National Policy

Mindy McLaughlin
Alumni Representative
Manager of Foreign Direct Investment

Samuel H. Miller
Co-Chairman Emeritus
Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

Dustin Ness
First Vice President/Resident Director
Merrill Lynch

Joseph Robertson, IV
Managing Director
Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, LLC

Paula Steiner
Compass Point Advisors

Thomas B. Whatman
Bellville, Ohio

Emeritus Members

Fred A. Lennon
Chairman Emeritus
(1983 to 1988)

William A. Rusher
Chairman Emeritus
(1988 to 1997)

Charles Parton
Chairman Emeritus

David L. Carto
Emeritus Member

Bill Harris
Emeritus Member

Jean Ashbrook Cromer
Honorary Member
Newark, Ohio