Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

Master of Arts in American History and Government

National Impact of the MAHG Program

At least 100 teachers in the darkest blue states above and at least 10 teachers in the lightest blue states have participated in one of the Ashbrook Center’s teacher programs.

Since 1989, the Ashbrook Center has offered teachers the opportunity to study with some of the best history and government scholars in the country.  Bringing together teachers and scholars from across America, the Ashbrook Center has become, in effect, a national university with unrivaled capacity for deepening teachers’ understanding and appreciation of America. Ashbrook-educated teachers bring a striking sense of enthusiasm into the classroom, teaching their students not with textbooks, but rather using original documents such as the Declaration of Independence, to educate their students on the founding of our great nation.

We currently have over 1400 Ashbrook-educated teachers impacting over 270,000 students a year. In the next ten years we plan to increase the size of our teacher program significantly, increasing our impact to over 1 million students across America annually.