Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

Programs for Students

Junior Ashbrook Scholar Program

Junior Ashbrook Scholars tour the Ohio Statehouse

The Junior Ashbrook Scholar Program is designed to provide a forum to the younger student for an intellectual exploration of political philosophy.  What are “the blessings of liberty” to which Jefferson refers?  Why does Alexander Hamilton refer to republican government as an “experiment”?  What is the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution?  These are a few of the issues that will be discussed in an important series of seminars conducted by the staff and student scholars of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University.

The program consists of six seminars.  The sessions focus on the foundations of American political thought, primarily the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Additionally Junior Scholars read letters from Thomas Jefferson, speeches from Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. Students also read excerpts from The Federalist Papers and various Supreme Court cases.

Although the seminars are conducted by the academic staff of the Ashbrook Center, the essence of these discussions is provided by the students.