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Res Publica

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August 2008

A Glimpse of the Everyday Extraordinary by Kristin Striker

August 2007

Dad by Jason Stevens
Summer, Old Trail by Stacey Sadowski
Tumbleweeds by Clint Leibolt
A Glorified Piece of Paper by Samuel Ball
Family Heirlooms by Melissa Miser
ICU by Jason Stevens
The Prudence of Solomon by Clint Leibolt
Picking at My Sister’s Bones by Danae Leali
The Power of College by Angie Cook
Looking Failure in the Face by James Kresge
Forever My Shadow, Forever My Friend by Valentina Wysocki
Why We Fight by Samantha Vajskop
Out of Place by Adam Carrington
Too Close to the Fire by Clint Leibolt
Learning to be Still by Jason Stevens

July 2006

M by Jason Stevens
Fickle Lovers by Adam Carrington
I Can Wait by Danae Leali
For Better or Worse by Kristine Philips
The Answer by Samantha Vajskop
A Lesson through Aggravation by Heather Imboden
The Greatest Generation by Adam Carrington
A Different Kind of Beautiful by Danae Leali
Turning Down the Apple by Sam Vajskop
Out Foxed by Clint Leibolt
Four Walls and a Prayer by Valentina Wysocki
Death of a Tradition by Valentina Wysocki
Excellence is . . . by Adam Carrington
Excellence is . . . by Adam Carrington
Remembering Brianna by Danae Leali
Commencement by Jason Stevens