Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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August 2012

A Portrait of a Study by Lindsey Grudnicki
Disappointment in the Face of Beauty by Jake Ewing
The First Lady by Rebekah Sherman
An Education by Lindsey Grudnicki
A Collapsing Community by Benjamin Kafferlin
A Soldier’s Glory by Gary Haglund
A Lesson in Law by Mariah Dunsing
Ron Paul and the Conservative Movement by James Velasquez
Free Speech at My Brother’s Funeral by Jake Ewing

August 2011

Where Are All The Cary Grants? by Lindsey Grudnicki
The Simple Art Of Statesmanship by James Velasquez
Thoughtful Affection by Rebekah Sherman
The Anti-Lecture by Jake Ewing
To Split Or Not To Split by Mariah Dunsing
The Bottom Line by Jake Ewing
Runner Whom Renown Outran by Lindsey Grudnicki
Leaving The Farm by Alyssa Bornhorst
International Frenemies by Mariah Dunsing
A Ticket To Ride by Sarah Muse
Million-Dollar Question by Jake Ewing
Leaving The Theater by Rebekah Sherman

August 2010

Justice is for Sotomayor by Stacey Sadowski
Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est by Robinson O’Brien-Bours
Fathers or Philosophers by Stacey Sadowski
Our Flag Rest in Peace by Phillip Wages
My Problem With Music by George Alecusan
Being Part of Something Great by Michelle Daymon
Jake Ewing, Who Are You? by Jake Ewing
A Tradition of Faith by Janine Foster
I Don’t Want Wind Chimes on My Grave by Maxwell Hiltner
Sweet Revenge by Kameren Jewett
The Lingering Aroma of Character by Allison Shuman