Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

Programs for Citizens

Ashbrook for Citizens


The Ashbrook Center hosts events and lectures on and off the campus of Ashland University, encouraging citizens to develop a deeper understanding of the principles upon which our great nation was founded.

Mike Huckabee at the Ashbrook Memorial Dinner in 2012

President Ronald Reagan inaugurated the Center at the first annual Ashbrook Memorial Dinner in 1983. This annual event has continued to feature some of the world’s most noted political dignitaries, such as George H.W. Bush, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Justice Clarence Thomas, Henry Kissinger, Mike HuckabeeMitt Romney, and John Boehner.

Additional events hosted by the Ashbrook Center include the Major Issue Lecture Series, featuring well-known speakers who examine current policy issues in the light of America’s constitutional principles, the Ashbrook Colloquia Series, featuring scholars or authors from across the disciplines who discuss their recent book or works, and our annual Constitution Day Lecture, celebrating and commemorating the great charter of our liberties.

Beyond their value to the general public, these events serve as an important educational tool for undergraduates in the Ashbrook Scholar Program as well as area high school students.  The Center also maintains an extensive audio and video archive of past speeches that is available to the general public.

Web Resources

The Ashbrook Center maintains a site,, that is geared to toward teachers and students of American history and government. It is an excellent reference tool for original documents and deeper analysis of our nation’s founding.

Electoral College Resources

The Ashbrook Center strongly supports maintaining the Electoral College, one of the more ingenious ideas of our Founding Fathers.  We maintain a site with a number of links to resources that explain the many benefits of the Electoral College and the dangers of a more directly democratic form of presidential election.