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Studies in Islamic Law: Classical and Contemporary Application

by David F. Forte

Austin & Winfield

280, January

Hardcover, 75

ISBN: 1572921285

Professor Forte (of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law) is an acknowledged scholar in Islamic law. In this new work the author compares, contrasts and discusses civil and criminal law as well as issues of modernization in Shar’ia applications, law and politics, Joseph Schacht and Islamic law, radicalism and human rights.

    Part I: Islamic Law and the Political Order

  1. The Tent
  2. Law and Politics

    Part II: The Shari’a—Classical Applications

  3. Joseph Schacht and the Sunna
  4. Crimes
  5. Theft and Punishment
  6. Lost, Strayed, or Stolen—Chattel Recovery Under the Shari’a

    Part III: The Shari’a—Contemporary Problems

  7. Apostasy and Blasphemy in Pakistan
  8. Islamic Law in American Courts

    Part IV: The Shari’a—Radicalism and Reform

  9. Islam’s Past, Islam’s Future
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