Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

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The Federalist Papers: A Commentary

by W.B. Allen

Peter Lang Publishing

440, January

Paperback, 34.95

ISBN: 0820437565

This book tells the story ofThe Federalist Papers as an accessible approach to the principles of the United States government. When looking at The Federalist Papers or the documents of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, one realizes the writers of these documents knew what they were doing. After examining the operation of present-day government, it would be surprising if we could speak with equal confidence about the people who operate the institutions of the United States today. The authors ofThe Federalist Papersand Constitutional Convention documents can help us understand the current principles and practices of the American government–as intended and as accomplished.

Table of Contents

Part I. Overview

Part II. The Constitutionalism of The Federalist Papers

Part III. Hesitations

Part IV. New Science

Part V. Union

Part VI. Strong Government

Part VII The Mechanics of Liberty

Part VIII Governing a New People


Appendix References to The Federalist in Supreme Court Cases

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