In the Spirit of '76

In the Spirit of '76

The Problem

The long-term health of our country depends on Americans–especially young Americans–who understand and appreciate our history and principles. Unfortunately, national tests reveal that young Americans are failing to learn basic facts about our history and unique form of constitutional government. 

Even worse, they are not learning the most essential thing about America—the principles of self-government on which our country was founded. Too many Americans believe that our history is the story of oppression, not freedom. They are not learning the true history of America and our Founding principles.

As a result, many of our nation’s young people do not have the respect for and devotion to America necessary to perpetuate American freedom.

The Solution

For America to long endure, we must reignite the Spirit of ’76 in the hearts and minds of the American people, especially our young people. And the best way to reach the young is through those who teach the young!

Ashbrook programs equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence they need to teach about America using our highly effective active learning approach that is based on the discussion of original historical documents.   

Learning from the words of those who lived and wrote our history draws students into the wonderfully interesting story of America. 

Engaging in thoughtful conversations about these words and ideas allows students to discover for themselves the truth of the American story.

And to understand the truth of America’s story is to rediscover respect for and devotion to America and our Founding principles.  

Ashbrook’s Plan to lead an educational revolution

It took a revolution to build this country. It will take an educational revolution to keep it. Ashbrook is leading a Second American Revolution in the nation’s classrooms.

At Ashbrook, we believe civic education is not about information or indoctrination. It is about discovering the truth about America. 

We believe that all people desire to know but don’t want to be told. They want to discover the truth for themselves. Research shows this to be the best and most long-lasting way of learning. 

So Ashbrook programs are rooted in conversations about the most important questions in American history and civics. Those conversations are based on primary sources like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. 

Ashbrook offers on-site and online substantive educational programs and classroom resources for teachers and students that have a deep and abiding effect. And we aim to take these programs to scale across the country—recruiting, educating, equipping, and sustaining a transforming corps of 45,000 teachers. 

One teacher can reach up to 5,000 students over the course of their career. Through the vast network of Ashbrook teachers, we will change the way American history, government, and civics are taught and understood.

Across America, students will not only learn the subject, but they will begin to make their own judgments about the testimony of the past. They will come to understand America’s struggle to live up to our Founding principles and their responsibility to develop the habits necessary for self-government so that they may embrace the responsibilities of citizenship and perpetuate the promise of America. 

How You Can Help

The success of In the Spirit of ’76 depends on the generous support of patriotic Americans like you. With a three-year budget of $13 million, In the Spirit of ’76 will transform civic education in America.

$3.4 Million Matching Gift Challenge in Effect

Thanks to a generous group of investors, every dollar donated in support of In the Spirit of ‘76 will be matched—effectively DOUBLED—up to $3.4 Million. Your gift today will help launch the next phase of Ashbrook’s bold plan to educate a whole new generation of students in the history and Founding principles of our country and the habits of reflection and choice necessary to preserve American freedom.

Give now to take advantage of this generous match!

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Sign Our Declaration of Independence

We are declaring independence from false history and political bias in the classroom! Click here to sign our declaration.

Help with our Declaring Independence from politics in the classroom event series

In support of In the Spirit of ’76, we plan to hold a series of meetings in key states across the nation to educate and mobilize local citizens to help us revolutionize civic education, and in doing so, save America. We need your help to make these events successful. Please take a moment to consider how you might be able to help and then click here to sign up.