Freedom. For the Next 250.

Freedom. For the Next 250.

 Are you concerned about the direction of America? Do you wonder if our children and grandchildren will understand and celebrate our precious experiment in self-government? In our often confused and divided nation, one thing is clear: young people are in desperate need of civic education. 

You can help secure the future of freedom in America by partnering with Ashbrook in our bold new $20 million campaign, “If We Can Teach It.” Together we can revolutionize history and civics education nationwide. 

Our Vision

Imagine a country where every student is equipped with a solid understanding of America’s history and Founding principles. At Ashbrook, we envision a future where informed patriots shape America’s destiny.

Why It Matters

Our Founders created a wonderful system of government that has produced more freedom and prosperity than the world has ever known. But self-government is fragile and depends on educated and informed citizens to preserve it. 

Too many students today graduate without a fundamental understanding of our history or their rights and responsibilities as citizens. The future of our Republic depends on reversing this trend. Young people must study the primary documents of America and discover why our country deserves their love. 

How You Can Help

With your partnership, you will be supporting the only organization that brings this unique and tried educational experience to Americans. In the coming months, you will have the opportunity to support the campaign—through your financial support and also by participating in events. The best part, every dollar will be matched up to $3 million!  We hope we can count on you to do your part to help teach your community about America’s history and Founding principles.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin famously commented that America had been given a Republic, “if you can keep it.” Today, we must rise to Franklin’s challenge. We must preserve the Republic. And we will–but only “If We Can Teach It.”

If you can help now, make your gift using the form below. You can help secure the promise of America for generations to come. 

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