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John M. Ashbrook Award

The John M. Ashbrook Award is bestowed annually to recognize an individual who upholds the ideals of limited constitutional government championed by John M. Ashbrook, the late Ohio congressman and co-founder of the American Conservative Union.

The Ashbrook award is intended to recognize and honor individuals in politics and related fields who exemplify the ideals so splendidly upheld by the late John M. Ashbrook and so well symbolized by his career.

These include integrity of thought and conduct; the knowledge of what is right and a determination to do right.

They include a firm dedication to principles; the conviction that politics must be based upon sound doctrine and noble objectives and not merely on winning elections.

They include a rock-like conservatism, based on a profound understanding of the nature of human beings and civil society, and all their perils and possibilities.

They include a determination to fight—alone if need be—for worthy goals.

It is our hope that the Ashbrook award will encourage others to follow the example of John Ashbrook, and will serve to honor their achievements when they do so. We trust that its recipients will better understand, from the honor in which we hold the memory of John Ashbrook, our respect and admiration for them.

The 2017 John M. Ashbrook Award was awarded to Ben Sasse in recognition of his lifetime of dedication to conservative principles.

2017 Ashbrook Award winner Ben Sasse with Ashbrook Executive Director Roger Beckett.

Previous Ashbrook Award Recipients:
2018 – Marvin J. Krinsky
2017 – Ben Sasse
2016 – Ed Rollins
2015 – Lamar Alexander
2014 – William Batchelder
2013 – David Keene
2012 – John Von Kannon
2011 – John Boehner
2010 – Roy Innis
2009 – Thomas S. Winter
2008 – Lee Edwards
2007 – William A. Rusher
2006 – Paul M. Weyrich
2005 – Henry J. Hyde
2004 – J. Kenneth Blackwell
2003 – Tom Delay
2002 – M. Stanton Evans
2001 – John Ashcroft
2000 – Herbert Romerstein
1999 – Philip M. Crane
1998 – Charlton Heston
1997 – Frank Shakespeare
1996 – Robert H. Krieble
1995 – Malcolm Wallop
1994 – Jesse Helms
1993 – Dan Quayle
1992 – Tom Van Meter
1991 – Jeanne Kirkpatrick
1990 – Fred A. Lennon
1989 – Patrick J. Buchanan
1988 – F. Clifton White
1987 – Edwin Meese III
1986 – Ronald Reagan