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John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner

John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner

The annual Ashbrook Memorial Dinner is the most significant political event in Ohio each year, drawing guests from throughout the state. This annual fund-raiser for the Ashbrook Center was inaugurated by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 at the first Ashbrook Memorial Dinner. Since then, we have been honored with distinguished keynote speakers, including Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Netanyahu, George H. W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, John Boehner, Clarence Thomas, Mitt Romney, and Barbara Bush, among others.

This event consists of three parts: a private, off-the-record conversation with our undergraduate Ashbrook Scholar students, a reception, and then dinner followed by the keynote speech.

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Past Speakers

Steve Forbes

November 21, 1996

Charlton Heston

October 6, 1995

Colin Powell

September 16, 1994

Margaret Thatcher

September 17, 1993

Lamar Alexander

September 10, 1992

Dick Cheney

September 11, 1991

Dan Quayle

September 8, 1989

William J. Bennett

May 26, 1988

Howard Baker

May 21, 1987

Caspar Weinberger

May 2, 1986

Edwin Meese III

May 3, 1985

George H. W. Bush

May 3, 1984

Ronald Reagan

May 9, 1983
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