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Major Issues Lecture Series

Major Issues Lecture Series

For more than 35 years, the Major Issues Lecture Series has played an important role in the Ashland community—being the most publicly recognized and widely attended program sponsored by the Ashbrook Center. Beyond its value to the general public, the Lecture Series serves as an important educational tool for the undergraduate students in the Ashbrook Scholar Program and for high school students throughout Ohio.

The program begins at noon with lunch which is typically followed by a 30-minute presentation from our speaker and 15 minutes of Q&A. Following the luncheon, the speaker meets with the Ashbrook Scholars in the Ashbrook Center for an informal and off-the-record conversation.

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Past Speakers

Michael Medved

Hollywood and the Three Lies
February 25, 1993

Lyn Nofziger

Predictions: The Consequences of Four Years of Bill Clinton
December 3, 1992

Fred Barnes

Results: Who Won and Why?
November 11, 1992

Ed Rollins

Politics 92: Who’s Running and Why?
October 7, 1992

Lynne V. Cheney

Academic Freedom
April 1, 1992

Dinesh D’Souza

Illiberal Education: Political Correctness and the College Experience
March 3, 1992

Chester Finn

Why are People Beating Up on Higher Education?
February 7, 1992

Rita Kramer

The Education of Teachers
December 12, 1991

Pete du Pont

Money and Education
October 31, 1991

Denis P. Doyle

The Relation of Business and the Schools
October 7, 1991

Dick Armey

World Economy
April 22, 1991

Richard W. Rahn

The Government’s Role in a Capitalist Society
March 12, 1991

Lucille Ford

An Economic Update
February 13, 1991

Mike DeWine

Congressional Reform
December 13, 1990

Norman Ornstein

Congress: A Deliberative Body or a Bureaucracy?
October 25, 1990

Philip M. Crane

Congress: Is it Working?
October 11, 1990

William E. Brock

The Impact of East Bloc Reform on International Trade
April 10, 1990

Mark Falcoff

Latin America After the Cold War
March 15, 1990

Walter Raymond, Jr.

Eastern Europe Update
February 15, 1990

Winston Lord

China’s Big Chill
December 12, 1989
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