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Major Issues Lecture Series

Major Issues Lecture Series

For more than 35 years, the Major Issues Lecture Series has played an important role in the Ashland community—being the most publicly recognized and widely attended program sponsored by the Ashbrook Center. Beyond its value to the general public, the Lecture Series serves as an important educational tool for the undergraduate students in the Ashbrook Scholar Program and for high school students throughout Ohio.

The program begins at noon with lunch which is typically followed by a 30-minute presentation from our speaker and 15 minutes of Q&A. Following the luncheon, the speaker meets with the Ashbrook Scholars in the Ashbrook Center for an informal and off-the-record conversation.

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Past Speakers

David Schippers

Impeachment from the Inside
December 8, 1999

Kate O’Beirne

What Happened to the Republican Revolution
November 17, 1999

Lee Edwards

The Conservative Revolution: The Movement that Remade America
October 14, 1999

Pat Sajak

Media: Playing Games with Accuracy
June 7, 1999

William McGurn

American the Global
April 19, 1999

Edwin Meese III

The Leadership of Ronald Reagan
March 25, 1999

John J. Miller

The Unmaking of Americans: How Multiculturalism Has Undermined America’s Assimilation Ethic
December 1, 1998

William Kristol

The Conservative Future
November 10, 1998

Abigail Thernstrom

America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible
September 18, 1998

David L. Brennan

Hope for Ohio’s Children
April 28, 1998

Thomas Carroll

Entrepreneurial Answers to the Educational Dilemma
March 25, 1998

Gerald A. Reynolds

School Choice
February 23, 1998

David Tucker

Fighting Barbarians
December 1, 1997

Robert Kagan

The Case for a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy
November 4, 1997

Walter A. McDougall

Promised Land or Crusader State? The Third American Century
October 6, 1997

Larry Arnn

Restoring Constitutional Government
April 14, 1997

David Zanotti

Who Will Win in 2000?
March 25, 1997

Edward J. Feulner, Jr.

Making It Happen: Institutions That Have Made the Conservative Revolution
February 25, 1997

David Broder

Politics for the New Century
December 16, 1996

Peter W. Schramm

The GOP’s Missed Opportunity
October 17, 1996
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